PhD Supervision

I am willing to supervise doctoral researchers working on any topic related to my research interests, including:


- the security implications of population movements

- third-party intervention in civil wars, in particular UN peacekeeping

- the costs of terrorism and political violence

- civil-military relations

- the survival of autocratic regimes

- the arms trade and military spending

- police militarization and security 

- cultural diversity and economic development 


To address substantive research questions in these topic areas, I largely employ quantitative (large-N) methods.  As such, I am unlikely to be able to supervise students who wish to work on a specific case, unless the research question is general enough and the project involves the analysis of multiple events. Please first consider how your topic and research methods fit within my interests and expertise.


If you would like me to consider a project,  send me a full CV and a short research proposal (between 2-4 pages).  


The proposal should include the following sections:


  1. A description of the motivating context and research questions

  2. A review of relevant literature, including a discussion of the gaps in the literature. The literature review should focus on existing research related to the project's main research question(s), but should also address the broader literature

  3. The project's theoretical contribution and main hypotheses

  4. A description of the data sources and the key variables (and how they will be constructed if relevant)

  5. The research design 

Prospective students should also familiarize with the application process on PAIS's webpage